• Just Be
  • Dystopia
  • Nothing Ever Was
  • Lullabies of the Lost
  • Circadian Rhythm
  • Songs for Samus
  • Resistor
  • This is the Sound!
  • Sonic Sanctuary
  • Just Be

    Just Be ||: BML :|| 2002


    1. Celtic Knot
    2. Alone in the Dark
    3. Threshold of a Dream
    4. The Pointed Man
    5. Construction of Symmetry
    6. The Unemployment Symphony : Intro
    7. The Unemployment Song
    8. Mourning
    9. Ball Game
    10. Water Falling
    11. Threshold of a Dream • Waking Remix
    12. Celtic Knot • Stripped Remix

    "Just Be is the union of wonder and majesty. As I listen to it while writing this, I am carried along it's pleasing harmonies; I am calmed and yet, encouraged. Just Be resonates within long after I've turned it off and wandered away. It has a way of returning to my mind, not in that annoying 'GET THE BLAHG OUT OF MY HEAD!!' way, but in that reminding, 'Oh yeah, Life is actually pretty cool' way. For me, Brett's music is a foundation of good, pure work. He's managed to create something that is separate from mainstream 'churned-out-multi-million-dollar-deal' music. In that way, it has a certain innocence and simplicity. Yet, there is nothing innocent or simple about it. It is a work which reflects both thought and emotion." - S. A. Vignola

    All songs written and performed by BML with:
    Seth Lefferts - bass on 1, 4, and 5
    Eli Lefferts - bass and electric guitar on 3

  • Dystopia

    Dystopia ||: BML :|| 2005


    1. stircrazy
    2. introvert
    3. model citizen
    4. versificator
    5. soma
    6. dystopia
    7. fog
    8. the mad hatter
    9. impure thoughts
    10. destruction
    11. the truth
    12. are you sure?

    "Bringing us back into the rich electronic soundscape he calls ’funkfoltronica’, BML’s dystopia is a fountain of emotion littered with precious stones instead of pennies. This new work is his most autobiographical to date and is a solid step forward for this award-winning artist. While the concept of a 'dystopia' (literally ‘anti-utopia’) is harsh and brutal, BML has managed to expose us to his vision of a life gone awry without sending us screaming for the mercy the record’s protagonist craves. dystopia is a haunting soundtrack for a journey to a safe place when there is no safe place to go." - A.J. Jackson

    All songs written and performed by BML with:
    "stircrazy" - solo guitar by Marshall Lefferts - rhythm guitar by Eli Lefferts
    "introvert" - guitars by Michael James
    "the truth" - written by Othoniel Joseph

    Art by David Fuller

  • Nothing Ever Was

    Nothing Ever Was ||: Arms & Legs :|| 2009


    1. Hidden
    2. No Prescription
    3. Packing My Wires Away
    4. Entitled
    5. In the Dark
    6. Twelve o' Clock

    "This EP is the closest I have gotten to reproducing the sounds I hear in my head. It is the music I always wished I were making. Partnering with Scott Daly of Arms & Legs was the best time of my musical life and also the hardest to sustain. We were spoiled as the songs came to us easily and nearly whole. We fed off of each other's creativity night and day, often rotating time on a track as the other slept. It was to be the second time I quit my job to go on the road with Scott, this time to play some of the biggest gigs of my career to date, and ultimately end up in uncertainty. While we may disagree on how it all went down, I'm certain we will always agree on how much we love these songs. The agony and the ecstasy of what was to come are embedded in each and every one." - BML

    All songs written and performed by:
    Scott Daly
    Brett Marshall Lefferts
    Thom Uliasz - drum programming on "Entitled"
    Ian Ainley - bass on "No Prescription"

    Art by James K. Hindle

  • Lullabies of the Lost

    Lullabies of the Lost ||: Seed A.I. :|| 2007


    1. 2D
    2. Naked Merciless Force
    3. Dark Bloom
    4. Broken Love
    5. ClVagg
    6. Rubicon
    7. Shum
    8. Coin Rush
    9. Arpeggion (w/slight return)
    10. Space Level - End Credits

    "Imagine if Tron and Depeche Mode collaborated on a ground breaking new electronic music album. It might be cool, it might be strange, but one thing is certain, when compared to Seed A.I.'s new album, Lullabies of the Lost, it would suck. Filled with spiky surprises, but always leaving a smooth satisfying after taste, Lullabies of the Lost is the refreshing release that electronic music fans have long lusted for. Experience a sentient sound that seems to tease and play games with your personal memories. Pushing past the traditional spectrum of computer music, Lullabies of the Lost will both illuminate and shadow, like an optical echo in your mind." - Brendan Dempsey

    All songs written and performed by:
    Brett Marshall Lefferts
    Colin Wolf
    Andrew Kraemer

    Art by Tom Digrazia

  • Circadian Rhythm

    Circadian Rhythm ||: Seed A.I. :|| 2010


    1. Morwening
    2. Veisalgic
    3. Haploid
    4. Gymnopédie I Douloureux
    5. Gymnopédie II Triste
    6. Gymnopédie III Grave
    7. Carabessence
    8. Oneironaut
    9. Somniloquy

    "I've given Circadian Rhythm a few solid listens now, and I've just got to say it's turned out great. Like the arpeggio that the album starts out with, climbing and falling and repeating - the cyclic nature of organic life is illustrated by condensing a day into 9 tracks. Where modern electronic music relies so much on convention and short attention spans, here is a volume that is best listened to in it's entirety, brimming with unusual notions and orchestrations. Overall, the album's lush organics and digital sparseness really paint an inspiring picture of a day I'll revisit again and again." - Thom Uliasz

    Songs written and performed by:
    Brett Marshall Lefferts
    Jonathan Sorge
    Andrew Kraemer
    "Gymnopédie I-III" composed by Erik Satie

    Art by David Fuller

  • Songs for Samus

    Songs for Samus ||: Seed A.I. :|| 2007


    1. The Box of Words I Cannot Say
    2. SheerNES
    3. Old Times-Failing Memory
    4. While My Gameboy Gently Weeps
    5. Free Man
    6. Robot (in Love)
    7. Traffic
    8. Blue Lazor Light Disco

    Debut 8 bit EP.

    "The sophomore release Songs for Samus from Seed A.I. hits all the right spots. An inventive array of 8-bit videogame sounds mixed with live drum tracks, this album has instant appeal. The songs are complex in execution, yet simple in delivering the pleasure gained from reaching a new level, a hidden gem, or defeating a mini-boss. This album is the soundtrack for the brightly colored 2D side-scrolling life you’ve wanted ever since you were twelve. Songs for Samus asks us 'What’s wrong with fun?' while taking itself seriously, and that’s exactly what you want from a record of songs written for a deadly girl in a power suit." - A.J. Jackson

    Songs written and performed by:
    Brett Marshall Lefferts - consoles
    Dan Gottesman - drums
    "SheerNES" written by Jonathan Sorge

    Art by David Fuller

  • Resistor

    Resistor ||: Seed A.I. :|| 2011


    1. Resistor
    2. Peaches en Regalia
    3. In Limbo
    4. That's Good
    5. Is She A Cylon?
    6. Sofa
    7. Snowball
    8. Time Lapse

    "The urge to create is paramount, almost primordial. For better or for worse my approach is often reactive, a harmonizing of experiences and intentions. Of late this has yielded an album that reflects my idealization of the chiptune scene. Each song herein has begged, borrowed, or stolen from those in whom I found inspiration; every step of the way taken in fun, patience, and love of music." - BML

    Programmed and performed by:
    Brett Marshall Lefferts - consoles
    Dan Gottesman - drums
    "Peaches en Regalia" and "Sofa" written by Frank Zappa
    "That's Good" and "Snowball" written by DEVO

    Recorded by:
    Colin Wolf at Big Yellow Duck
    James Pertusi at The Kennel
    Mixed and Mastered by:
    Rob Christiansen

    Art by Gideon Kendall

  • This is the Sound!

    This is the Sound! ||: Burnkit2600 :|| 2008


    1. Gollum
    2. When Demons Attack
    3. b00
    4. Schrödinger's Cat
    5. Call of the Final Five
    6. Voo Doo Sex Doll

    This album came together out of songs written for the 2008 Bent Festival in NYC. All instruments used are lo-fi video game hardware and circuit bent toys.

    "I will say just two words: UNCONDITIONALLY INSPIRATIONAL." - little-scale

    "It is INCREDIBLE. Everything is perfect - the art is stunning. And the sound is so gritty and organic in ways. Moreover, I love the fact that you've really explored the depths and sounds of your instruments, but not to the detriment of the music itself. Indeed, the musicality of this release is beautiful. And there is an atmospheric quality that often gets lost in the dryness of a lot of [other chiptune releases], punctuated, in this case, by zombie howls, heavily layered sounds and a great balance of glitchy, bent noises." - cloud sparrow

    "'Call of the Final Five'... F***ing TUNE OF THE WEEK!" - akira||8GB

    All songs written and performed by:
    Thom Uliasz | Justin Emerson | Brett Marshall Lefferts

    Art by Burnkit2600

  • Sonic Sanctuary

    Sonic Sanctuary ||: Burnkit2600 :|| 2012


    1. Things Are Looking Up
    2. Last Stand
    3. For RDJ
    4. Moloch
    5. Inner Space Battle Hymn
    6. Anunnaki
    7. Sonic Sanctuary

    "This album was recorded live at our former headquarters, the ancient Odd Fellows building in Danbury, Connecticut. In its 100 year history, the building was everything from a speakeasy to an artists’ co-op. For our purpose the practice space was our Sonic Sanctuary, a haven where we had total creative freedom to develop these works. As such this album is dedicated to Austé for use of the space and to the old building’s spirit that was channeled into these songs. Burnkit2600 is indebted to our amazing friends and fans for sticking with us and especially Jitka, Jori, and Mei-Ling for their unending support and patience." - Thom Uliasz

    Songs written and performed by:
    Thom Uliasz | Justin Emerson | Brett Marshall Lefferts
    "For RDJ" written by Richard D. James

    Tracks 1,2,4,5,6 and 7 are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License

    Art by Burnkit2600



Brett Marshall Lefferts is an eclectic electronic musician recognized for fusing solid grooves with acoustic folk instrumentation over a lush scape of digital noise. He began musical study as a classical flutist, later picked up guitar, then turned to gritty synth sweeps and pulsing beats to better sonify his world.

Over the years Brett has been involved in a number of bands, notably as a founding member of the music/hacking/art collective Seed A.I. Their best known project consisted of reprogrammed vintage video game consoles accompanied by live drums performed by Dan Gottesman.

One of Brett's most exciting collaborations was with Scott Daly of Arms & Legs. In Arms & Legs Brett infused a new degree of maturity, danceability, and lust for life into Scott's hauntingly beautiful harmonies and introspective lyrics. They filled out their stage show with a bassist and two battling drummers and travelled together as far as China.

Brett's longest partnership has been with Thom Uliasz and Justin Emerson in Burnkit2600, a rare electronic power trio. Burnkit2600 has carved a niche for itself in the circuit-bending and chiptune underground by merging noise-music and freeform jams with electro-pop sensibilities. Additionally the band provides free information and tutorials to demystify their baffling instruments and encourage others to join in the fun.

Of late Brett has returned to his roots as a solo artist, integrating his varied experiences into a live looping performance rig he's nicknamed 'The Versificator.'

Blip Fest

Burnkit2600 was excited to take part in the final Blip Festival in New York City. There were so many great acts performing during the festival that we were thrilled just to be in attendance as part of the electrified audience. For more info about what Blip Fest is all about check out the interview we did with the Village Voice: "The Blip Festival: Where the Geeks Are."


BentFest 2008
JLSC 2002
SXSW 2009
NPR 2007
BlipFest 2012